Child Survival and Changing Fertility Patterns in Pakistan

Zeba A. Satiiar


Most earlier research, based on the theory of the demographic
transition, focused on the association between mortality decline as a
precedent to fertility decline. Whereas most of Europe experienced
declines in mortality prior to fertility declines, even there the
evidence is not conclusive that declines in mortality always preceded
changes in fertility [Knodel and Van de Walle (1979)]. In most Asian
countries which have experienced demographic transitions in the recent
past mortality and fertility have declined in close succession. The
position being taken here is that in certain settings substantial
fertility declines, or at least an alteration in fertility patterns, may
be a prerequisite to substantial declines in child mortality. The
association between fertility patterns and child survival is to be
investigated with a view to analysing the likely effects of changes in
fertility patterns on chances of child survival.

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