Economic Determinants Of Jute Production In India And Pakistan

A. K. M. Ghulam Rabbani


Most of the world's jute is produced within the predominantly
rice-growing areas of India and Pakistan. Rice is grown as the staple
food crop, while jute is the principal cash crop of the farmers of the
jute belt. In Pakistan, acreage under jute normally accounts for 6 per
cent of the total sown area in the jute growing districts, while rice
acreage extends to more than 80 per cent of the total. In the
jute-growing districts of the Indian Union, although the proportion of
the total sown land under rice is lower than in East Pakistan, rice
acreage is normally 15 to 20 times as extensive as the total jute
acreage. The scope for variation in jute cultivation is, therefore,
potentially large in both India and Pakistan.

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