Waterlogging and Salinity in the Indus Plain: Comment

Nazir Ahmad


Mr. Ghulam Mohammad, Senior Research Economist of the Pakistan
institute of Development Economics, by publishing his critical analysis
of the Revelle Report in Volume IV, No. 3 of the Pakistan Development
Review [4] has done a great service to the country. A chance has, thus,
been created to examine some of the recommendations for the solution of
the problem as put forth by the Panel of scientists from America. Ghulam
Mohammad has summarised the major recommendations of the Revelle Report
and then commented upon these, giving alternative suggestions. The ma,n
recommendations of the report are to install tubewells in the large
agricultural regions of the Indus Plain. This suggestion is to
suppleĀ¬ment the insufficient diversion of the surface water and at the
same time to effect the drainage of the land. Ghulam Mohammad has
discussed the results of the quality of groundwater, and has concluded,
''that groundwater of the Indus Plain are charged with dangerous limits
of bicarbonates and sodium contents and their indiscriminate utilization
will make the soils alkaline and impermeable." In his opinion, tubewells
should not be installed in areas where concentration of sodium or
bicarbonates is very high.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.30541/v5i3pp.371-380


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