Sohail J. Malik, Safiya Alta., and Nargis Sultana. Pakistan's Economic Performance 1947 to 1993: A Descriptive Analysis. Lahore: Sure Publishers. 1994. 444 pages. Hardbound. Rs 325.00/US$ 35.00.

Hina Nazli


Pakistan's economic history has seen many turnarounds since
independence. The country emerged on the world-map with few
manufacturing industries, very little educated and skilled labour, a
limited endowment of financial resources, and the enormous problem of
resettlement of refugees. In addition to this, political conflicts with
India caused two wars and resulted in the separation of East Pakistan.
However, the country's economic performance has been remarkable. This
book reviews Pakistan's economic performance over a period of 47 years,
from 1947 to 1993, and traces the history and development of various
sectors of Pakistan's economy with the help of time-series data on key
variables. Trends in these variables are depicted in graphs. The
background data are provided in the 58 appendix tables at the end of the
book. In each chapter, Pakistan's position in the world economy is
judged by a comparative analysis in relation to other

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