A Preliminary Analysis of the Marketing of Mango in Sindh Province, Pakistan

Ali Muhammed Khushk, Laurence E. D. Smith


Fruits are an important sub-sector in the agricultural sector
of Pakistan. This paper describes the structure and operation of the
marketing channels, and quantifies marketing margins of producers and
other market agencies. Survey results show that more than 90 percent of
producers sold harvesting rights to their orchards to contractors. The
producers’ share of the retail price was calculated to be 25 percent.
The other shares were 43 percent for contractors, 6 percent for
commission agents, 5 percent for wholesalers, and 21 percent for
retailers. Other indicators reported here are net profit margins,
duration and type of contract, method of contract price determination,
mode of payment, and conduct of auctions.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.30541/v35i3pp.241-255


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