Structural Adjustment, Industrialisation, and Export Promotion

Shahrukh Rafi Khan, Shaheen Rafi Khan


The main objective of this paper was to explore if trade
liberalisation has ushered in the large scale de-industrialisation that
is feared by some to follow in its wake and whether it has been
successful in enhancing export promotion. We relied on several different
kinds of evidence to demonstrate that de-industrialisation has not
coincided with the intensive structural adjustment period while export
growth has. However, both industrialisation and export promotion in
Pakistan have been below potential, below the mean for low income
countries and have not even kept pace with progress in this regard in
the low income country group. We were not able to establish, possibly
due to the paucity of time-series observations, that either industry or
exports generated positive externalities for or used resources more
productively than the rest of the economy.

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