Education in Pakistan: Fifty Years of Neglect

Akhtar Hasan Khan


"You know that importance of education and the right type
cannot be over-emphasised.... It" we are to make real, speedy and
substantial progress. We must earnestly tackle this question ... having
regard to the modern conditions and vast developments that have taken
place all over the world". Quaid-i-Azam Pakistan was created in the name
of Islam under the outstanding leadership of Quaid-i-Azam. The Quran
placed great emphasis on education. The Quaid as quoted above also
highlighted its importance for the new nation. Unfortunately, despite
high and repeated rhetoric, education remained the most neglected aspect
of national life during the last half century. The literacy level are
low, the female literacy levels are among the lowest in the world and
the lowest in the Muslim countries. The emphasis in education is still
on a general and liberal type of B.A. or M.A. degree. The change towards
scientific and technical education has still not taken place. The
quality of education is low; the teachers are under-paid, under-trained
and dispirited. The students are apathetic as they see no relationship
between education and higher earnings or status in the

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