Maize in the Rainfed Areas of Pakistan: An Analysis for Production Sustainability

Kalbe Abbas, Habib Iqbal Javed, Sajjad-ur-rehman Chughtai


The turning issue in agriculture of this era is sustainability
and self reliance. There are several definitions of sustainability
described by various scientists. Broadly, it means that the improvement
in agriculture should be long lasting in view of changing environmental
and socio-economic conditions. The high yielding technology available
today is not fully adopted because of high cost and changing price
structure of the important inputs. Under the present circumstances, the
need arises to tailor the production practices according to the need of
the farmers for long-term adoption. Sustainable agricultural systems are
those that rely on lower inputs of energy and agricultural chemicals to
achieve long-term productivity and environmental compatibility. However,
Balanos (1998) concludes that the low input systems are low in
productivity. Firebaugh (1990) mentioned the proposals given by J.F.
Pars and colleagues that the ultimate target of the farmers in
sustainable agriculture is to increase productivity and profitability.
He also added that we should get benefit from germplasm which can
survive over a long period of time.

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