Private Sector Investment in Agricultural Research in Pakistan

Mumtaz Ahmad, Joseph G. Nagy


Private sector investment in agricultural research in
Pakistan, although growing in importance, is limited at present and with
a few exceptions, has not had a significant impact on agricultural
production and productivity. The publicly funded agricultural research
system has made the major contribution to increases in production and
productivity growth. However the impressive gains of the past cannot be
achieved with the current underfunded public research system which makes
it all the more important for private sector investment in agricultural
research to achieve its full potential in areas of its comparative
advantage. This paper identifies the magnitude of private sector
agricultural research investment in Pakistan and discusses some of the
current policy constraints that hamper its scope. Information was
gathered through informal and formal surveys of multinational and
national firms conducting agricultural research in Pakistan in the areas
of inputs and product processing. Although private sector investment in
agricultural research has more than doubled in the past ten years,
uncertainty persists surrounding privatisation issues, unresolved
intellectual property rights regulation, and the enforcement of seed
certification and truth-in-labelling rules and regulations.

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