Solving Organisational Problems with Intranet Technology

Sohail Jehangir Malik, Hina Nazli, Kashif Abrar


Information serves as an essential intermediate input in
decision-making for any business process. It is an essential requirement
not only for effective and efficient management but also for medium and
long term planning. In this era of technological advancement the rapid
growth of information flow has contributed significantly in the
expansion of business, commercial, industrial, financial, educational
and research organisations. Electronic communication provides the
ability to overcome many organisational problems. In recent years, an
easy and inexpensive access to information through the Internet and
e-mail has created an atmosphere of strong competition among
organisations. In this competitive environment, the organisations need
an efficient, productive and competent internal set-up based on a
well-informed workforce. In the absence of effective co-ordination, the
expansion of an organisation may result in inter-group conflicts,
unhealthy bureaucratic activities, and various complexities in
decision-making [Telleen (1996)]. This applies even more to
organisations in developing countries such as Pakistan that are in need
of efficient ways to improve governance and enhance institutional

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