J. V. Vilanilam. More Effective Communication: A Manual for Professionals. New Delhi: Sage Publications, 2000. 238 pages. Paperback. Indian Rs 175.00.

Atiq-ur- Rehman


The book under review—“More Effective Communication: A Manual
for Professionals”, is a good effort by J. V. Vilanilam and is a useful
addition to the modern literature on communication skills. J. V.
Vilanilam’s book is for professionals who need to make their
communication more effective, and is written in a simple and easily
understandable style. The reader finds some very useful ways to improve
his/her English for written/oral communication. The reader can gain an
insight into communication skills step by step with the help of
examples, diagrams, photographs, in-boxes exercises, etc. The appendices
also contain useful material about some words commonly confused and
identify their correct usage. The book is divided into seven chapters
and four appendices. Chapter One highlights the importance of
communication in the present era and explains the role of communication
and the importance of languages in the management of

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.30541/v39i1pp.79-81


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