In Memoriam Ghulam Mohammad : (1913 -1967)

PIDE Staff


Ghulam Mohammad, Senior Economist of the Pakistan Institute of
Development Economics, died in a hospital in Rome in September 1967. His
death has left the Institute with a void which will never be quite
filled. An able arid experienced civil servant, a masterful student of
bureaucracy, a wide ranging, technical¬ly proficient agricultural
scientist, a tireless and energetic researcher, a bright chee¬ry,
irrepressible and eternally youthful colleague—Ghulam Mohammad was all
these things and more. From the humble background of a Punjabi tenant
farming family, he rose, by virtue of his intelligence, natural talent,
energy and hard work, to a position of recognized professional
excellence, eminence, and stature, respected and admired in Pakistan and
abroad, even by those who disagreed with his views. His career is an
inspiration to any aspiring young professional, particularly in a
society which only recently has begun to replace ascriptive quali¬ties
by merit and achievement as bases for position, status, and

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