A Multisectoral Analysis of Capital Requirements for Development Planning in Pakistan

Azizur Rahman Khan, Arthur Macewan


Dynamic models of interdependence are being widely used to
analyse planning problems in underdeveloped countries. Basic to such
models are complex sets of technico-economic data of which input-output
coefficients and capital coefficients are crucial elements. As the
results obtained from these models are, of course, dependent upon such
data, we think it useful to give some attention to methods of estimating
technical coefficients and to the nature of the technical coefficients
themselves. In the present paper we explain how sets of capital
coefficients have been obtained on a multisectoral basis for the two
regions of the Pakistan economy, and we analyse the economic structure
which these coefficients reveal. Elsewhere[15] we have presented
regional input-output matrices for Pakistan. Both this paper and the
input-output paper are parts of work directed toward providing a
comprehensive and consistent set of data for multisectoral regional
planning in Pakistan. In this work we use a 35-sector classification of
the economy —see Table I—and work in purchasers' prices for the year

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.30541/v7i4pp.445-484


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