Wheat Productivity, Efficiency, and Sustainability: A Stochastic Production Frontier Analysis

Munir Ahmad, Ghulam Mustafa Chaudhry, Muhammad Iqbal


The agriculture sector plays a crucial role in the overall
development of the country. The sector shares about 24 percent of the
GDP and employs about 44 percent of the workforce in the country. Crops
sub-sector is the major contributor towards agriculture, sharing more
than 53 percent of the value-added. Wheat, being the staple food of
Pakistanis, carries immense importance: it contributes about 12 percent
of sector value-added, is sown on about 37 percent of the total cropped
area, and shares 80 percent in consumption of food grains, while its
share in food grain production is around 70 percent. As primary diet,
wheat alone shares about 50 percent of the total calories’ and proteins
intake in Pakistan, and contributes about 8 percent of the total fat
consumed [FAO (Various Issues]. Consequently, overall dietary well being
of our people especially the urban and rural poor is largely dependent
on the performance of wheat economy.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.30541/v41i4IIpp.643-663


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