Some Factors in Growth Reconsidered by Robert Eisner, (Lecture Series No. 21). Athens: Center of Planning and Economic Research, 1966. pp.63.

Gunnar Floystad


Eisner's book contains two lectures which were read at the
Center of Planning and Economic Research in Athens. In his first lecture
the author raises the question: does a higher level of employment
contribute to a more rapid, sustained rate of economic growth? A number
of economists, including P.A. Samuelson, A.W. Philips and Harry Johnson,
have argued that the positive relation between employment and growth is
a transitory phenomenon which occurs only when the employment level
changes. By using a simple model of the Harrod-Domar type he shows that
the higher the level of employment or, more exactly, the higher the
proportion of the labour force employed the greater will be the
percentage rate of growth of output.

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