Jane Smith. Empowering People. New Delhi: Kogan Page India (Pvt.) Limited. 2002. 119 pages. Indian Rs 140.00.

Waleed Mohsin


Managing organisations and managing people in our
ever-changing and complex environment is a tough task, which requires
integration on the part of the management and the workforce. Empowerment
is a buzzword these days, and almost all organisations are focusing on
using empowerment as a means of adapting to an environment of
fast-changing business world. Empowerment does not only benefit the
organisation but also the individuals involved. In the process, both
those who are empowering and the ones who are being empowered share
decision-making. Thus, empowerment is a mutual process, which is vital
to the success of the organisation and all those linked to the
organisation directly and indirectly. It is surely one of the most
common business trends, and certainly an issue which all good managers
should be aware of.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.30541/v42i1pp.83-85


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