Stuart Gillespie and Lawrence J. Haddad. The Double Burden of Malnutrition in Asia: Causes, Consequences, and Solutions. New Delhi: Sage Publications, 2003. Paperback. Indian Rs 280.00. 235 pages.

Afia Malik


The culturally, politically, and economically diversified
regions in Asia are also different in terms of nutrition level. When
under-nutrition is overcome by overnutrition, it leads to the incidence
of diet-related diseases such as coronary heart disease, cancer,
diabetes, hypertension, and stroke, etc. Some parts in Asia are
undernourished and some are over-nourished, while a large number of
countries are facing both these problems simultaneously. There are also
instances of both under- and over-nourished people within the same
household. This is what the authors call the double burden of
malnutrition in Asia. This book deals with the magnitude, causes,
consequences, and solutions to the problem of malnutrition. It is an
excellent, comprehensive, and authoritative overview of the issues
related to the direct and indirect policy interventions; capacity
development, and resource allocation; and it is useful for the future
course of action aimed at defeating the menace of malnutrition in the
very diverse continent of Asia.

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