Planning Experience in Pakistan

M. N. Huda


Planning is called 'economic' because both economics and
planning seek to make human life fuller and richer by the same modus
operandi, namely, harnessing and utilising limited resources for
attaining a limited combination of unlimited objectives. To be
effective, planning must cover all aspects of man's life; and all his
hopes and aspirations should be kept in view in deciding what can be
done with available resources in a given period. There are thus three
clear-cut stages in planning: a) determination of objectives, b)
assessment of resources, and c) drawing up of actual programmes for
implementation. Since the objectives should really reflect people's
hopes and aspirations, and cover all interests of man—economic, social
and cultural, the determination of such objectives, and more so the
combination of such objectives for a given period, have to be done by
the people themselves through their political system. The planner may
help in the identification of these objectives or combinations
therefore; but in the last analysis, the objectives must be given to
him, ...............

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