Comments on "Planning Experience in Pakistan"

Nurul Islam


Pakistan's industrial achievement in a relatively short span
of time and in the light of the experience of the similarly placed
countries has been favourably commented upon by the observers and
analysts, both at home and abroad. Dr. M. N. Huda, in his Conference
Address, refers to this impressive record of Pakistan's progress in the
course of which many industries have grown from the state of infancy and
that of teething troubles to a state of viability and adult¬hood [2, Pp.
10-11]. Indeed, the rapid growth of the manufactured exports from
Pakistan in recent years may be considered as an indication of the
extent to which the industrial progress in Pakistan has been successful.
For the future, he rightly advocates an aggressive but selective
industrialization based on both the home and export markets. Moreover,
his observations do em¬phasize the need for increasing the productivity
of the existing industries as well as for a careful application of the
criterion of efficiency in the selection of the future pattern of
industrialization. This note seeks to indicate the inter¬relationship
between the industrial efficiency and the export performance; it draws
attention to a few neglected aspects of the recent studies on
indust¬rial efficiency in Pakistan such as the intra-firm differences in
efficiency. It explores the rationale and the implications of
'infant-industry" protection for industrialization in

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