Some Comments on "Planning Experience in Pakistan"

Syed Nawab Haider Naqvi


Dr. Huda's conference address on "Planning Experience in
Pakistan" is both useful and refreshing. He reviews, in the brief space
of twenty pages, the principal economic problems and policy issues
facing Pakistan at this crucial stage of its development. His approach
is extensive rather than intensive, i.e., he treats a wide variety of
issues none of which is subjected to a deep conclusive analysis. This
approach has merits particularly when the objective of the author is to
pose problems in a thought-provoking manner, "without trying to find
answers" [4, para 63]. And there can be no doubt that his address
contributes no end of grist to the economist's mill. He has stimulated
thought. Because of the restriction of space, I have selected for
discussion only three of the many issues raised in Dr. Huda's Address:
a) the "overall" Strategy of economic development in Pakistan, b)
Pakistan's agricultural policy, and c) Pakistan's industrial

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