Douglas A. Irvin (ed.). Free Trade under Fire. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press. 2005. 294 pages. Price not given.

Nasir Iqbal


International trade around the world is growing rapidly and it
is very effective in improving the living standards of a nation, but
still free trade faces many critics. They complain that free trade
causes harmful economic adjustments, for example increase in
unemployment through the closing of factories etc. The critic further
object that the World Trade Organisation serves the interests of
international corporations, undercuts domestic environment regulations,
and erodes America’s sovereignty. Why has global trade become so
controversial? Does free trade deserve its bad reputations? These are
the questions which inspired the writer to work against these problems.
In “Free Trade under Fire”, the author discusses the misconceptions that
litter the debate over trade and gives the reader a clear understanding
of the issues involved. The aim of this book is to determine the effect
of economic, political and legal factors on the trade policy of the
United State.

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