The Teaching of Development Economics: Its Position in the Present State of Knowledge. Edited by Kurt Martin and John Knapp. Chicago: Aldine Publishing Company, 1967. pp.xv + 236. price $ 7.95.

Joseph J. Stern


The title of this book unfortunately is misleading, referring
only to half the papers presented at the Manchester Conference on
Teaching Economic Development, and the least interesting half at that.
The first, and by far the most challenging part of the book, consists of
Seers' previously published article, "The Limitations of the Special
Case". This is followed by a list of twenty 'leading questions' on
teaching economics by the same author, and papers by Myint, Hagen,
Streeten and Balogh, dealing with various aspects of economic theory and
its application to development planning. The last ninety pages of the
book are devoted to the discussions which took place at the conference.
As might have been expected, these read like a pale imitation of what
probably was an interesting exchange of views. Few readers, one
suspects, will be sufficiently motivated to work their way through these
verbal arguments.

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