A Note on Growth and Structural Change in Pakistan's Manufacturing Industry 1954-1964 (Notes & Comments)

M. L. Eysbnbach


Lewis and Soligo studied the growth and structural change in
Pakistan's manufacturing using a simple analysis of patterns of
manufacturing growth [3]. Then, employing their results to re-examine
the generally accepted view of Pakis┬Čtan's industrial growth, they found
that import substitution had not been largely confined to consumer-goods
industries [3, p. 108] and concluded that it would be difficult to
accept the widely held hypothesis that distortions in industrial growth
had resulted from the protectionist policies pursued [3, p. 111]. More
specifically, they rejected the hypothesis of Power and Radhu that the
greater protection accorded the consumer-goods industries would
encourage the growth of domestic consumer-goods production using
imported capital goods and raw materials [3, p. 96].

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.30541/v9i1pp.58-65


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