Agricultural Development and Economic Growth edited by Herman M. Southworth and Bruce F. Johnston. Ithaca, New York: Cornell University Press, 1967.

Mohammad Irshad Khan


The literature on agricultural development and economic growth
is vast and varied; it ranges from theoretical discussion of the role of
agriculture in economic development to empirical studies of economic
behaviour of the farm¬ers. There is, however, no agreed theory of
agricultural development. Different economists hold different
view-points, advance different hypotheses and provide different
empirical evidence on the questions involving agricultural development
and economic growth. The book under review gives a wide cover¬age of the
issues, problems and complexities of agricultural development and
economic growth. It is a collection of fourteen papers written by
eighteen scholars who have distinguished themselves in their respective
fields. Each paper has been commented upon by one or two equally reputed
scholars. The author of each paper gives a critical survey of the
literature on the subject and provides an extensive bibliography at the
end of the paper. The topics surveyed are: agricultural development,
barriers to change, infrastructure, education and training for
agricultural growth, farm size and agricultural productivity, land
reform, food and nutrition, marketing institutions, export of
agricultural pro¬ducts, agricultural taxation, agricultural price
policy, and programming of agricultural development.

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