Economic Growth and Development: New Directions (The Presidential Address)

Rashid Amjad


Finance Minister, Dr Abdul Hafeez Sheikh, Dr Nadeem VI Haque,
Patron of the Pakistan Society of Development Economists and Deputy
Chairman Planning Commission, Past Presidents and Distinguished Members
of the Society, Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen: It is my pleasure to
welcome you all to the 27th Annual General Meeting and Conference of the
Pakistan Society of Development Economists. On behalf of the members of
the PSDE, I would like to thank you, Finance Minister for having spared
your precious time to open this important meeting. I would like also to
especially thank our members and guests who have come from different
parts of the country and from different continents to participate in the
Conference. We are extremely pleased to see here today many young
students of Economics and Development-Pakistan's future economists and
development specialists-who I am sure are enthusiastic to learn from the
many leading economists attending this Conference of the critical issues
and economic challenges that we face at the national, regional and
global levels.

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