A Nexus Approach to Food, Water, and Energy: Sustainably Meeting Asia’s Future Food and Nutrition Requirements (Sarfraz K. Qureshi Memorial Lecture)

Shenggen Fan


Agricultural and food production systems in Asia must undergo
a significant transformation in order to meet the concurrent challenges
of increasing food, water, and energy demands amid on-going climate
change. This is particularly true in countries in South Asia, including
Pakistan, where hunger and undernutrition persist and natural resource
are increasingly strained. Sustainable intensification with a focus on
nutrition is particularly crucial to provide adequate and nutritious
food for all without further damages to the planet. However, a silo
approach to meeting the demands of a growing, increasingly urbanised,
and wealthier population is no longer acceptable. Instead, capitalising
on the inter sectoral linkages between food, water, and energy can more
effectively minimise trade-offs and maximise synergies across concurrent
efforts to improve water, energy, food, and nutrition security

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.30541/v55i4I-IIpp.297-311


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