Parental Effects on Primary School Enrolment under Different Types of Household Headship: Evidence from Pakistan

Tariq Mahmood, Najam Us Saqib ., Muhammad Ali Qasim


Previous studies in Pakistan have established the number of
pupil, parents, household, and community characteristics as determinants
of primary school enrolment. However, treatment of the role of the
household power structure in these studies is limited to the inclusion
of a single dummy variable for female headship. Present study estimates
separate probit regressions for different types of headships, hence
allowing for an analysis of the power structure of the household and its
impact on other explanatory variables. In addition to confirming the
findings of previous studies, this study concludes that mother‘s
headship results in greater positive influence of her own education and
the economic status of the household on child‘s primary school
enrolment. Father‘s headship in this regard has only limited influence.
JEL Classification: C25, J16, I21 Keywords: Probit Models, School
Enrolment, Gender Issues

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