Economic Contribution of Copyright-based Industries in Pakistan

Ghulam Samad, Vaqar Ahmed, Rauf Khalid


The copyright-based industries contribute substantially to the
national economy in the form of value addition, tax revenues, trade and
employment. This study highlights both the core and non-core
copyright-based industries in Pakistan. With the technical guidance of
World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) and National Institute
of Cultural Studies (NICS), we conducted the first ever survey of the
copyright-based industries in Pakistan. The estimates of contribution to
GDP, tax revenues, trade and employment were also validated through
focus group discussions and key informant interviews. Our findings
reveal that copyright-based industries contributed Rs 136 billion to GDP
(on 1999-2000 base year prices of Pakistan Bureau of Statistics). These
industries also contributed Rs 18 billion to the government in indirect
taxes. On the trade side, the exports of these industries totalled $ 943
million and imports amounted to $2130 million in 2007-08. In terms of
job creation one of the core sub-sectors i.e. electronic media employed
around 47,000 persons by the end of 2011. JEL Classification: 034, F10,
E24 Keywords: Copyright, Economic Growth, Trade and Employment

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