Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) and Economic Growth in Pakistan

Pervez Zamurrad Janjua, Ghulam Samad, Nazakat Ullah


The strong protection of Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs)
attract more investments and promote economic growth processes in
developing countries. This study underlines the level of IPRs
enforcement in Pakistan and consequently its implications for economic
growth. The study confirms that enforcement at appropriate level of IPRs
encourages economic growth in Pakistan. For data stationarity and
long-run relationship between IPRs and economic growth Unit Root test
and Johansen Cointegration tests are applied. The study uses Times
Series data estimation techniques, namely Vector Error Correction Model
(VECM) for a period of 1970– 2010. The study concludes with policy
recommendations for economic growth in understanding the form and nature
of IPRs enforcements in Pakistan. Keywords: Intellectual Property Rights
(IPRs), Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), Research and Development,
Patents, Human Capital, Invention and Innovation

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