Developing Research and a Research Culture: Results from a Pilot Project in Pakistan

Nadeem Ul Haque , David Orden


This paper argues that successful public policy requires
engaged research developing ideas and evidence from diverse vantage
points. Pakistan’s social science research remains fragmented,
under-resourced and dependent on external agendas. We describe a
five-year pilot programme to enhance Pakistan’s research culture.
Seventy-two crowd-sourced and competitively-selected projects at 46
geographically dispersed institutions were supported. Provincial
universities were empowered and networking with the better-placed
metropolitan institutions proved mutually beneficial to scholarship.
Substantial research outputs were completed in important areas of
policy. We conclude that such multi-year commitments to review and
network engagement are vital to strengthening policy capacity. Keywords:
Pakistan; Research Community; Social Sciences; Networking; Competitive

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