Amita Baviskar. Uncivil City: Ecology, Equity and the Commons in Delhi. 2020, Sage and Yodapress.

Fahd Zulfiqar


Amita Baviskar’s latest book titled Uncivil City: Ecology,
Equity and the Commons in Delhi provides an in-depth analysis of
exclusion of the Commons from the socio-economic and political spaces of
inarguably India’s most powerful city; Delhi. The book is divided into
three sections with eights chapters encompassing book’s themes. It
starts with setting the context by explaining the reasons for titling
the book as ‘Uncivil City’. Conceptualising Delhi as Uncivil expounds
the City’s changing spatial dynamics which the author has detailed by
analysing City’s social history by doing socio-historical analysis. She
also reminisces her early-life experiences with the City; what the City
was for the Commons in the past; how infrastructural development has
excluded the Commons; what the City’s formal politics and politicised
environment is doing to the Commons and what does future entail for

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