Nadeem Ul Haque. Looking Back: How Pakistan Became an Asian Tiger by 2050

Muhammad Haroon Hussain, Abedullah


The book is about development economics and, at the same time,
a work of fiction, which predicts the future of Pakistan as a developed
country. Though the book is written and conceived on a strong
theoretical basis, that is, ‘complexity analysis,’ it remains a
fictional work. Because the book is based on complexity analysis, it
would fall under the rubric of ‘speculative fiction’, as it attempts to
speculate the future development of Pakistan. As far as speculative
fiction is concerned, it is of two types, namely, dystopian and utopian.
The book is indeed a ‘utopian speculative fiction’ as it presents
Pakistan as a very developed country, contrary to current conditions
where Pakistan is striving hard for its survival. Thus, the book equates
to the likes of ‘Orwellian’ works, such as “1984”. Right at the
beginning of the book, the author argues that conventional economic
analysis has failed to yield any sound analysis of the economy that can
be employed for development economics. He further adds that both
macroeconomics and microeconomics are inherently insufficient to lead to
any meaningful policy analysis and recommendations. Thus, the author
presents complexity analysis as an alternative tool for development

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