Suggested Approach to Agricultural Taxation Policy in West Pakistan

Javed Hamid


The general tendency in most developing countries is to throw
a dispro¬portionate share of the burden of taxation on the 'monetised'
or market sector and an insufficient amount on agriculture. The reasons
for this are partly administrative and partly political. Taxes levied on
the agricultural community are far more difficult to assess and collect
and are socially and politically un¬popular because they appear unjust —
the people in the agriculture sector are, individually, always so much
poorer than the people in the market sector. In Pakistan, from time to
time, expert committees have been set up by the government to consider
the question of raising more resources from the agri¬culture sector
through additional taxation. However, most recommendations of these
committees have not been implemented. The system of taxation has
re¬mained essentially the same as it was in the nineteenth century and
the rates, in real terms, have, if anything, gone down.

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