Price Incentives for the Production of High-Yielding Mexican Varieties of Wheat

Sayed Mushtaq Hussain


After stagnating in the 1950's, agricultural production in
West Pakistan rose substantially in the early 1960's because of
increased area under cultivation and higher crop yields made possible
through greater availability of controlled water and the use of
fertilizers. Since the mid-sixties, another important source of
agricultural growth has been added, namely, the development and spread
of high-yielding varieties of wheat, rice and maize. The discovery and
developĀ¬ment of high-yielding seeds (HYS) amount to a technological
change and this has created a very large potential for raising the
production of certain crops, provided the necessary inputs are properly
used. Agricultural experts have predicted that with the adoption of the
new HYS and the realization of their full-yield potential, the current
problem of 'food shortage' will change into a problem of 'food

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