Reliability of Pakistani Agricultural Price Data

Sarfraz Khan Qureshi


Prices have important allocational and distributional
implications in a market economy. This is equally true for the prices of
agricultural commo¬dities in developing countries. In their decision to
allocate land among different crops, farmers in developing countries
have been found to be quite sensitive to changes in relative prices [1].
Also relative prices between the agricultural and non-agricultural
sectors are considered to be important determining factors in the
sectoral distribution of income and the development of the modern sector
[2]. In Pakistan, a number of empirical studies have been carried out to
explain the pattern of growth in the agricultural and non-agricultural
sectors with the help of changes in relative price movements among
different agri¬cultural crops, or among manufactured consumption and
capital goods, or between agricultural and manufactured goods [3,4,5,6].
The validity of the results derived from these studies would depend
greatly on the reliability of the basic price data. Thus it is important
that an attempt be made to judge the reliability of the agricultural
price data.

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