Review of Developments in the Pakistan Economy

A. M. G. A. M. G.


Prices of wheat and rice showed divergent trends during the
period October to December 1961. While prices of wheat in the Lyallpur
market recorded a net advance of Rs. 0.25 per maund over the period
under review, prices of rice (msdium quality) in the Dacca market
registered a net decline of Rs. 3.60 per maund. In the case of wheat,
price fluctuations were small and there was no deterioration in the
overall supply situation. Moreover, as compared with prices a year ago,
the end-December 1961 prices were around Rs. 1.25—2.00 per maund lower
at Rs. 14.00—16.25 per maund. On the other hand, a sharp increase in the
prices of rice at Dacca from Rs. 32.40 per maund at the close of
September to Rs. 37.60 in October was held in check only after the
release of government-held stocks. Subsequently, prices fell
persistently when the 'aman' crop was harvested and the market received
continued inflow of the new crop. By the end of December, medium quality
rice reflected a greater decline than the earlier increase in prices so
that the quarter under review closed with a net fall of Rs. 3.60 per
maund of Rs. 28.80. However, the corresponding quotation a year ago was
still lower at Rs. 27.50.

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