'Planning Economic Integration7, by L.B.M. Mennes, Rotterdam University Press, 1973.

G. M. Radhul


The book under review deals with economic integration among
deve¬loping countries from the point of view of planning. The author
believes that it is useful to approach economic integration from a
planning point of view and to develop planning models for it, because
the theory of economic integration relevant for developing countries
should be directed towards the impact of integration on future
investments and future production. The type of models used in the book
are the multisector linear programming models and the method of analysis
is essentially a comparison of two situations; one with economic
integration and the other without. For each prospective partici¬pant a
medium term planning model is drawn up taking account of its economic
situation in some base year. The results of these single country
planning models are analysed and compared to those of a similar planning
model for the integration area as a whole. The consequences of the
integration policy are then evaluated.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.30541/v12i4pp.438-439


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