Cost of Living Indexes for Rural Labourers in Pakistan

M. Ghaffar Chaudhry, M. Anwar Chaudhry


The purpose of this paper is to provide estimates of the
changes in the cost of living for rural labourers during the period
1966/67 to 1973. It is well known that throughout this period, and
particularly in the recent years, prices have been rising. The Central
Statistical Office (CSO) publishes consumer price indices for urban
workers, but no index for rural workers is available. Thus, it is not
known whether inflation has affected rural and urban workers uniformly.
If changes in the cost of living have been different, then separate
price indexes must be used in estimating the real income levels of the
two groups. As development policies in Pakistan are increasingly aimed
at alleviating poverty in the rural sector, the need for a separate
price index applicable to rural labourers becomes obvious.

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