Differential Urban Growth and Distance Considerations in Domestic Migration Flows in Pakistan

Richard W. Helbock


Urbanization is a process which is gradually reshaping the
population of Pakistan from a nation of farmers and villages to a nation
of urban dwellers. Yet this process, so critical to the quality of life
in Pakistan's future, is not well understood. The literature of
demography and development is liberally sprink¬led with reports and
articles dealing with both general theories of urbanization and case
studies, but the processes and underlying factors affecting
urbaniza¬tion in Pakistan have as yet received little attention.1
Research designed to identify the underlying factors and interpret the
urbanization process in Pakistan is currently underway, and it is the
purpose of this paper to provide some background information on
urbanization in Pakistan as well as to describe the directions of future
research. Specifically, this paper examines differential growth among
Pakistan's twelve largest cities and the relationship of urban growth to
origins and flows of domestic urban migration.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.30541/v14i1pp.53-84


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