Socio-Economic and Institutional Factors Influencing Fertilizer Use in the Punjab (Pakistan)

Abdul Salam


Application of chemical fertilizers is one of the quickest and
simplest means of increasing farm production. Increased fertilizer use
has been an important factor in increasing crop productivity in the
developed countries and in those developing countries which have shown
high rates of growth in the agricultural sector. The use of chemical
fertilizers in Pakistan started in 1952. With the introduction of
fertilizer-responsive seeds for wheat and rice crops, and the
availability of additional irrigation water from the installation of
private and public tubewells, the use of fertilizers has become
increasingly popular. The farmers were further encouraged to increase
the use of fertilizers by a subĀ¬stantial price subsidy and the
promotional efforts by the government and the fertilizer industry in
Pakistan. Despite the promotional efforts by the government and
fertilizer industry, the application rate of fertilizer in Pakistan
remains one of the lowest, even when compared with the fertilizer use
levels in other developing countries. During 1970-71, fertilizer use per
hectare of arable land in Pakistan was 15.1 nutrient kilograms. During
the same period the rate of fertilizer use in the Philippines, Sri
Lanka, Taiwan, Siouth Korea and Japan was 25.2, 47.3, 243.6,

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