Sectoral Growth Rates and Efficiency of Factor Use in Large-Scale Manufacturing Sector in West Pakistan

A. R. Kemal


The large-scale manufacturing sector of Pakistan has grown at
an annual compound rate of 14.3 percent1 over the period 1949-50 to
1969-70. However, one does not know the rates at which different
sub-sectors of this sector have grown in the past. Similarly, earlier
studies done for an analysis of this sector's efficiency were limited to
calculations of effective protection rates [3,7,10] or of comparative
cost ratios [2]. What has not been studied before is the magnitude of
the change in the efficiency of factor use in Pakistan. The absence of
such literature in Pakistan stems essentially from the non-avail¬ability
of consistent and reliable time series data at a disaggregated level.
Pakistan's censuses of manufacturing industries hereinafter referred to
as CMI, carried out almost every year, do contain data at a
disaggregated level, but those data suffer from a serious undercoverage.
Since the magnitude of the undercoverage shows wide fluctuations, the
data cannot be used for computing growth rates. In an earlier study [4]2
an attempt was made to construct a consistent time series of data
relating to the large-scale manufacturing sector. The data reported were
at current prices, which need to be deflated for compu¬tation of growth
rates at constant prices

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