A Simple Optimisation Model for Cotton Processing Activities in Pakistan

Seemin Anwar Khan, S.M. Naseem


The importance of cotton and its products for the economy of
Pakistan is obvious enough. Cotton is the main cash crop of Pakistan. In
fact, it is one-fourth of the value of the major crops of Pakistan and
provides income to about 5 million people. It is a raw material for the
textile industry which is die single largest industrial activity
accounting for 48 % of the value-added of the large-scale manufacturing
and 27% of its employment. The value of the installed textile machinery
complex is around 15% of the total industrial investment in the country.
Exports of cotton and its products constitute about a half of the total
export proceeds of Pakistan. The final products of cotton, cloth and
garments also play an important part in planning for a better standard
of living in Pakistan. After food and shelter,1 this is the most
essential item of consumption and hence adequate domestic availability
of cloth assumes an important role in public policy. Cotton and its
products have also been a major

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.30541/v16i1pp.17-48


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