Attitudes, Contraceptive Practice and Children Ever Born Among Currently Married Women Exposed to Different Types of Communication Media, Pakistan

Nasra M. Shah, S. Firasat A. Kazi


The Pakistan population planning programme, in its effort to
recruit family planning adopters in order to lower birth rates, has used
a broad range of communication media to convey its messages. Mass media
like radio, television and cinema have carried the message and field
workers have been hired specially to provide the information and
services. Various com┬Čbinations of personnel ranging from the illiterate
local midwives to educated male-female teams have been tried. The
programme has undergone many changes since it was reformulated in 1965.
It is currently imparting its messages both through mass media and
interpersonal channels. Both male and female workers are still being
used at the grassroots level although the set up is undergoing certain
organizational and administrative changes.

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