Trade Liberalization, Protectionism and Interdependence: Gatt Studies in International Trade.—By Richard Blackhurst, Nicolas Marian and Jan Tumlir. Geneva: General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade. November, 1977. pp.79.

Surraiya Nishat


The study under review is a brief account of issues concerning
trade liberalization and protectionism. The authors have extensively
argued in favour of free trade and have heavily criticized the
protectionist policies presently adopted by different nations. The
report is divided into three sections. In section I the main trends in
production and trade from World War II to the present have been
reviewed. The three post-war decades experienced unprecedented rates of
economic growth and prosperity. The three major factors which are
responsible for this impressive expansion of post-war trade are listed
by the authors as "institutional development, technological innovations
and demographic trends". In particular the liberalization of
international trade, investment and the freeing of the world economy
from the constraints imposed by the self-destructive nationalistic
policies of the 1930's have played a major role in this

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