A Development Strategy for Afghanistan: Lessons of an Employment Policy Mission

I. Z. Bhatiy, L. Berouti


This article has addressed itself to the delicate problem of
evolving a development and employment strategy for a country still at
its early stages of development and with traditional socio-economic
structures. To modernise these structures and thus assist in achieving
fuller and more productive employment, in reducing poverty and income
inequality and in satisfying the basic needs of the mass of the
population, the article based on the conclusions and recommendations of
an ILO Mission has recommended a fourpronged attack: (1) a particular
stress on rural development; (2) an urban strategy aiming at increasing
the potential of the informal sector and at stimulating the rapid
development of the industrial sector; (3) appropriate education,
training and labour market policies; (4) finally, reforms in development
planning and administration.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.30541/v19i4pp.337-352


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