"Economics of Share-Cropping in Haryana (India) Agriculture" - Rejoinder

F. S. Bagi


Salam [I8] raised a number of questions about my paper, and
these can be briefly summarized here. (1) Inadequate description of
sample. (2) Treatment of irrigated and unirrigated parts of a farm under
same management as separate subfarms is questionable. (3) What prices
have been used for farm products and byproducts consumed on the farm.
(4) Many heterogeneous inputs have been aggregated together. (5) How the
production expenditure presented in Table 3 has been estimated, and what
wage rates have been used in these calculations' (6) Data presented in
Table 2 and its interpretation are confusing and misleading. (7) The
explanation provided for the relatively lower use of purchased inputs on
share cropping farms (Table 5) is incorrect. (8) The estimation and
discussion of returns to scale is redundant. (9) Some of the explanatory
variables e.g. cropping intensity, number of fragments per farm, and
managerial ability have been omitted from the model. (10) Operational
size of farm is not an appropriate explanatory variable. (II) The effect
of farm size on relative economic efficiency has been overlooked. (I2)
Aggregation of gross value of output for multicrop farms is likely to
bias the results in an unknown direction, because crop composition may
not be uniform across farms, and (I3) Measurement of inputs in value
terms are affected by prevailing market imperfections.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.30541/v20i4pp.453-464


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