Ali Khan and Ismail Sirageldin. Research in Human Capital and Development. Vol. 2. Greenwich (Connecticut)/London (England): JAI Press Inc. 1981. pp.223.

Mohammad Irfan


The book under review contains a collection of papers which
examine the role of human capital formation in economic development.
Most of the articles included in the volume lie at the frontiers of the
current research. A good review of the book requires a comprehensive
discussion of a vast literature, but the concise, though terse, review
contained in the introduction by the editors Khan and Sirageldin is
difficult to improve upon in this context, and is therefore not
attempted. The first article by Takayama and Hamda is an extension of
Sen's ordinal approach to poverty and is also an improvement over
earlier efforts of Takayama to link Sen's ordinal measures of poverty to
the measure of inequality - Gini Index. The departure from Sen's poverty
measure involves a shift from poverty distribution to censored income
distribution. Using censored income distribution truncated by the
poverty line, Takayama and Hamda demonstrate that any ordering of
inequality based on this distribution can be extended to any ordering of

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