Inaugural Address

Mahbub Ul Haq


Prof. Naqvi, Dr Sarfraz Qureshi, Ladies and Gentlemen! It is
certainly a great privilege for me to inaugurate the Second Annual
General Meeting of the Pakistan Society of Development Economists. Even
though these days I have a 'small' exercise going on for the forthcoming
budget, I thought it was more important that I should come here and
associate myself with fellow professionals also. I am delighted to learn
from Dr Qureshi that there are 400 members of this Society. It is good
to know that there are so many development economists around to lend us
a helping hand. I hope that this tribe will grow. We just had the great
pleasure of listening to Prof. Naqvi's Presidential Address about three
categories of economists: the development policy-makers, the development
economists and the defunct economists. I am sure that the Address gave
you both as much pleasure and as many uncomfortable thoughts as it gave
me because it made us do some soul-searching to find out which category
we belonged to. I made the unpleasant discovery, as I reviewed myself,
that I probably belong in part to all the three categories.

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