Development Strategy for Pakistan

John H. Power


Economic planning is of such recent origin in Pakistan that,
up to now, it has necessarily been ad hoc in character. The problems of
the present and immediate future have always appeared so pressing to the
planners that, aside from hopeful compound-interest projections to the
next generation and occasional evasive reference to the advantages of a
"mixed" economy, there has been little in the way of a philosophy or
long-run strategy of economic development that one could attribute to
the planning authorities. This is not at all surprising when one recalls
that the First Five Year Plan was not officially approved until more
than one-third of the plan period had passed. The final version had to
be in part a rationalization of what had already occurred. Even the
Second Plan was ready only on the eve of the beginning of the plan
period and the final revised version did not appear until 15 months

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