An Energy Input-Output Table of Pakistan for 1979-80 and Some Applications

Peter Pintz, Ivo C. Havinga


In order to enhance the indigenous supply of energy, Pakistan
has launched various investment programmes as a consequence of which 28
percent and 43.2 per• cent of total public investment has been invested
in the energy sector, respectively, in the Fifth and the Sixth Five Year
Plans. However, despite the sharp increase in investment for indigenous
exploration and production, the domestic supply of energy has registered
an insignificant increase. Despite substantial increases in energy
prices, the growth of the commercial primary energy consumption has
increased from 6.8 percent per annum in 1973•74 1979•80 to 7.8 percent
per annum in 1979•80 - 1984-85. In fact, Pakistan's energy policies have
not succeeded in delinking the growth rate of GPP from primary energy
consumption, which has partly been achieved in industrialized countries
and in many developing countries. For the period of 1973•74 to 1979•80,
the primary energy/ GDP elasticity was 1.20, whereas, it has increased
to 1.24 for 1979•80 to 1984-85.

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